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4ThePlayer Presents Prehistoric Wins In 10 000 BC DoubleMax™

4ThePlayer Presents Prehistoric Wins In 10 000 BC DoubleMax™

Leading game developer 4ThePlayer takes players on a journey to the Ice Age with the release of their latest title, 10 000 BC DoubleMax™. The game is now available network-wide exclusively through Yggdrasil, following a successful limited exclusive period.

This captivating game transports players to a world of colossal creatures and even larger payouts, achieved through the fusion of two of Yggdrasil's most popular Game Engagement Mechanics (GEMs) - DoubleMax and GigaBlox.

The renowned DoubleMax mechanic ensures that each cascade doubles the overall win multiplier, while the GigaBlox feature introduces massive symbols that contribute to substantial wins. 10 000 BC DoubleMax™ also boasts the Mammoth Explode and Mammoth Shuffle features. The Mammoth Explode feature triggers a cascade when no more wins are possible on the reels, accompanied by a win multiplier and a random wild symbol.

In the Mammoth Shuffle feature, GigaBlox symbols landing on the right side of the reels are pushed to the left by a woolly mammoth, guaranteeing a win. During each subsequent cascade, the GigaBlox reel shifts back to the right, opening up more opportunities for fresh wins.

The game's free spin feature activates when three or more scatter symbols land on the reels. During this round, extra Mammoth Ram cascades and guaranteed Mammoth Ram shuffles occur, with the win multiplier remaining unchanged between spins.

Powered by GATI, Yggdrasil's cutting-edge technology, 10 000 BC DoubleMax™ allows partners to utilize a preconfigured, regulation-ready, standardized development toolkit for creating consistently innovative content that can be rapidly distributed.

Mark McGinley, Chief Gaming Officer at Yggdrasil, expressed, “10 000 BC DoubleMax™ exemplifies our ability to leverage our popular and high-performing GEMs, combining them to enhance player experiences. We are excited to witness players engage with the gameplay and enjoy the advantages of the DoubleMax and GigaBlox mechanics.”

Henry McLean, Co-Founder – Commercial & Marketing Director at 4ThePlayer, added, “Prepare to experience the chill of 10 000 BC DoubleMax™ – where GigaBlox meets DoubleMax for the first time, creating an avalanche of visual potential with GigaBlox and electrifying excitement with the DoubleMax multiplier!

“This game is monumental, and we have infused it with the signature 4ThePlayer touch, featuring immersive artwork, solid mathematics, and thrilling elements like the Mammoth Shuffle and Explode.”



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