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AnonyMind And Mindway AI Partnership To Address Gambling Addiction

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

AnonyMind And Mindway AI Partnership To Address Gambling Addiction

Mindway AI, a player protection software provider, has announced a strategic partnership with AnonyMind, a leading organization specializing in gambling addiction treatment.

This collaboration aims to combine Mindway AI's advanced player protection technology with AnonyMind's expertise in addressing gambling addiction, creating a comprehensive solution to identify and support at-risk players.

Mindway AI utilizes machine learning algorithms and assessments by expert psychologists to identify signs of at-risk gambling behavior. By analyzing player data and incorporating insights from neuroscience and neuroimaging, their software can detect early warning signs of problematic gambling patterns. This information provides actionable insights to operators, empowering them to take preventive measures against addiction. Mindway AI's software has already gained significant traction in the gambling industry, being integrated into major online gambling platforms in over 21 countries and reaching a monthly user base of more than 6.5 million active players.

On the other hand, AnonyMind specializes in delivering confidential, evidence-based, and personalized psychological treatments for individuals struggling with gambling addiction. Their treatments are administered by regulated and accredited Clinical Psychologists, employing established methods such as high-intensity cognitive-behavioral therapy, 3rd Wave CBT models, DBT informed approaches, and EMDR. AnonyMind tailors their treatments to individual clients through a "clinical formulation" process, ensuring that the therapy meets each client's specific needs. They also extend support to family members affected by gambling addiction.

By joining forces with AnonyMind, Mindway AI aims to provide a holistic solution for addressing gambling addiction. Operators integrating Mindway AI's software will now have the option to offer their players direct access to AnonyMind's counseling services, enabling proactive measures to prevent and treat addiction.

Rasmus Kjaergaard, CEO of Mindway AI, expressed the company's commitment to promoting responsible gambling and preventing addiction: "At Mindway AI, we are dedicated to leveraging our technology to assist operators in addressing this crucial issue. We are excited to partner with AnonyMind, who shares our commitment to tackling gambling addiction."

Andrew Plummer, Head of Partnerships at AnonyMind, highlighted the significance of this unique collaboration: "This partnership marks the integration of Mindway's cutting-edge AI technologies with AnonyMind's CarePlus service, allowing proactive identification of problem gambling within an operator's network and providing independent, flexible, and sustainable intervention support to prevent the escalation of harmful behaviors. We are eager to collaborate and gain valuable insights through early identification and intervention conducted independently."

The partnership between Mindway AI and AnonyMind represents a significant step forward in combating gambling addiction. By combining their respective strengths, both organizations aim to make a positive impact by safeguarding players and fostering responsible gambling practices.


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