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BetConstruct Launches B.F.T.H. Arena Awards 2024, Unveiling Exciting Nominations and Increased Prize Pool

BetConstruct Launches B.F.T.H. Arena Awards 2024, Unveiling Exciting Nominations And Increased Prize Pool
BetConstruct Launches B.F.T.H. Arena Awards 2024, Unveiling Exciting Nominations And Increased Prize Pool

BetConstruct, a prominent name in the iGaming industry, has officially kicked off the highly anticipated B.F.T.H. Arena Best FTN Game Awards 2024, introducing thrilling nominations and an expanded prize pool of 3,333,000 FTN.

Commencing on February 6th, the submission process for the B.F.T.H. Arena Awards 2024 is now open, providing a platform not only for seasoned professionals but also for budding game creators and designers to showcase their talents and vie for substantial rewards.

The B.F.T.H. Arena 2024 boasts a revamped prize pool of 3,333,000 FTN, earmarked for promoting the winning games. Although the nominal figure remains unchanged, the total value has surged to over 5 million euros as of February 6th.

Building upon the success of the inaugural B.F.T.H. Arena held in 2023, which celebrated award winners at the Harmony Meetup 4.0 event, this year's edition promises to be even more inspiring and impactful, spotlighting the innovative creations of over 50 game developers.

Furthermore, the list of nominations has been expanded this year to include three additional categories, enhancing the diversity and competitiveness of the awards.

The updated list now comprises: Best Online Casino Game, Best Game Design, Best FTN Casino Game, Best Game Storytelling, Best Bahamut Game, Best DECA Game, Best Arcade Game, Best Game Achievement, and Players’ Game of Choice.

In light of the tremendous success of the previous B.F.T.H. Arena Awards, BetConstruct is gearing up to elevate the spectacle further, with the grand ceremony announcing the winners scheduled from July 1st to July 4th.

As the countdown begins, enthusiasts and industry aficionados are urged to mark their calendars and prepare to immerse themselves in the captivating world of iGaming during the thrilling B.F.T.H. Arena Awards 2024.

Let the competition commence in the pursuit of gaming excellence!


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