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BetConstruct Launches Trio Of Cutting-Edge Services For iGaming Partners

BetConstruct Launches Trio Of Cutting-Edge Services For iGaming Partners
BetConstruct Launches Trio Of Cutting-Edge Services For iGaming Partners

BetConstruct, a pioneering force in iGaming technology committed to continual advancement, has unveiled three innovative services geared towards enhancing performance and driving growth for its partners: Zone Solutions, Pro DDOS Protection, and Business Dashboard.

These newly introduced services are meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of BetConstruct's partners, equipping them with state-of-the-art solutions to thrive in the fiercely competitive iGaming landscape.

"Zone Solutions is our comprehensive suite of domain management services tailored specifically for Turnkey partners, empowering them to streamline online operations and manage domains with ease," said a spokesperson from BetConstruct.

"From proactive strategies to ensuring regulatory compliance, Zone Solutions enables businesses to bolster their online presence efficiently."

"Pro DDOS Protection represents our cutting-edge cybersecurity solution crafted exclusively for White Label and Turnkey Partners," the spokesperson continued. "

With instant threat detection, advanced WAF capabilities, and rapid response mechanisms, this service is designed to thwart Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks and fortify web applications, ensuring the security and reliability of our partners' digital assets."

Completing the trio is the Business Dashboard, a robust analytics platform offering real-time insights and streamlining gaming business management. "Our Business Dashboard empowers partners to track crucial metrics across finances, player acquisition, and website traffic," explained the spokesperson.

"By leveraging this comprehensive tool, operators can optimize the performance of their casino and sportsbook offerings, enabling data-driven decision-making for sustained success."

By embracing these cutting-edge services, BetConstruct's partners can navigate challenges with confidence, elevate their online operations, and capitalize on opportunities for growth in the dynamic iGaming sphere.

With BetConstruct as a steadfast ally, the horizon of online gaming holds boundless potential for those daring to innovate and succeed.



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