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BETER Expands Basketball Portfolio With BSKT CUP

Updated: May 24, 2023

BETER Expands Basketball Portfolio With BSKT CUP

BETER, the leading provider of betting content and gaming solutions, is further enhancing its sports portfolio by introducing the BSKT CUP league, expanding its offerings in the realm of basketball.

Commencing today, the BSKT CUP tournaments will feature comprehensive coverage, including live streaming, data, and odds. The tournament format includes a round-robin stage with three matches taking place on weekdays. Four teams, each consisting of five players, will compete in games consisting of four quarters, each lasting 10 minutes. The teams will battle it out for the top spot in an intense and thrilling display of basketball action.

The BSKT CUP league showcases the talents of experienced players, ensuring a high standard of play that captivates spectators. With over 60 matches scheduled per month, fans will have ample opportunities to immerse themselves in the excitement.

This expansion of the basketball portfolio is part of BETER's ongoing commitment to delivering top-notch sporting content. The company already operates multiple basketball and table tennis leagues, and the addition of the BSKT CUP league further solidifies its position as a premier provider in the industry.

Maria Mashchenko, General Manager of BETER Sports, expressed enthusiasm for the expansion, stating, "Basketball is a widely popular sport with a large global fan base, attracting the attention of bettors worldwide. At BETER Sports, our aim is to be the leading provider of basketball content in the market. By continually adding new professional leagues, we strive to offer our clients the best possible options."

Mashchenko continued, "The introduction of the BSKT CUP league represents the next phase of our basketball portfolio expansion. By powering this league, we can provide our partners' customers with even more thrilling features to enhance their engagement with BETER's content. Our goal is to keep them on the edge of their seats, fully immersed in the fast-paced, high-scoring nature of this sport. We have many more exciting leagues in the pipeline, so stay tuned!"

With the addition of the BSKT CUP league, BETER reaffirms its commitment to delivering captivating and diverse sports content, offering an unparalleled experience for both fans and betting enthusiasts alike.



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