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BlueOcean Gaming Strengthens Payment Solutions Portfolio Through Finrax Partnership

BlueOcean Gaming Strengthens Payment Solutions Portfolio Through Finrax Partnership
BlueOcean Gaming Strengthens Payment Solutions Portfolio Through Finrax Partnership

BlueOcean Gaming, a prominent online casino platform and aggregator, proudly unveils its strategic collaboration with Finrax, a trailblazing cryptocurrency payment gateway, to augment its payment solutions offering.

Acknowledged for its role in bridging the gap between crypto and fiat currencies, Finrax has carved a niche by facilitating global access to cryptocurrency payments. The integration of Finrax's innovative crypto payment solution across various BlueOcean Gaming White Label brands aims to elevate the platform's payment ecosystem.

The partnership is centered around enhancing user experiences by providing a secure, efficient, and globally accessible payment framework. Finrax brings several key advantages to the table, including transparent fees, a multi-currency wallet with exchange capabilities, robust merchant support, fund security measures, seamless integration, and more.

Matjaž Smolič, Head of Payments at BlueOcean Gaming, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration: "We are delighted to start this partnership with Finrax. As our clients operate across diverse markets, having a payment solution that provides global coverage and employs advanced security technology undoubtedly presents a significant advantage for our offerings."

Metodi Kaydamov, Head of Account Management and Partnerships at Finrax, shared his excitement: "This is a great milestone for everyone at Finrax, as we are excited to partner with a leading brand like BlueOcean Gaming. With the crucial need for gaming brands to offer a smooth and easy payment service, we believe we will be a valuable asset to the company."

The collaboration between BlueOcean Gaming and Finrax not only signifies a commitment to advancing payment solutions but also reflects a shared vision of providing cutting-edge services in the dynamic landscape of online gaming.

This strategic alliance is poised to shape the future of online casino transactions, offering players a seamless and secure financial experience. As the partnership unfolds, both companies anticipate significant positive outcomes in terms of user satisfaction and operational efficiency.

The iGaming industry witnesses another innovative leap forward as BlueOcean Gaming and Finrax join forces to redefine the standards of payment solutions in the online casino realm.



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