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Digitain Unveils “Booster”: A Revolutionary Tool For iGaming Promotions

Digitain Unveils “Booster”: A Revolutionary Tool For iGaming Promotions
Digitain Unveils “Booster”: A Revolutionary Tool For iGaming Promotions

Digitain, a frontrunner in iGaming solutions, has launched “Booster”, a cutting-edge promotional engine integrated into its Centrivo Dynamics & Centrivo Universal platforms.

This innovative tool is designed to revolutionize promotional campaigns, enhancing player engagement and loyalty within the online gaming sphere.

“Booster” stands out for its user-friendly customization options and advanced features, aiming to elevate the gaming experience for both operators and players alike. With a focus on flexibility and transparency, this promotional engine offers a seamless way for operators to create and manage tailored campaigns, ensuring fairness through a Certified RNG.

By dynamically integrating with all bonus campaigns within the Centrivo Dynamics & Universal platforms, Booster streamlines the promotional process, allowing operators to adapt quickly to market demands without requiring developer involvement.

Operators can entice and reward players with a variety of prizes and prize allocations, while also benefiting from real-time, detailed reporting on campaign performance. This invaluable insight enables operators to optimize their strategies and maximize the impact of their promotional efforts.

Edmond Ghulyan, Group Chief Strategy Officer and Chief of Centrivo Product at Digitain, expressed his excitement about Booster, stating, "Booster is a game-changer for iGaming operators. Its dynamic capabilities empower operators to run targeted, personalized campaigns, driving player participation and loyalty."

With the launch of Booster, Digitain reaffirms its commitment to innovation in the iGaming industry, further solidifying its position as a leader in the competitive landscape of online gaming technology.


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