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ELA Games Partners With First Look Games To Boost Marketing Efforts

ELA Games Partners With First Look Games To Boost Marketing Efforts
ELA Games Partners With First Look Games To Boost Marketing Efforts

ELA Games, a prominent studio in the iGaming industry, is set to enhance its marketing strategies through a new collaboration with First Look Games, a leading platform connecting developers and affiliates.

By joining First Look Games, ELA Games gains access to a robust platform that facilitates direct communication between developers and affiliates.

This partnership allows ELA Games to leverage First Look Games' White Label Client Area, where it can showcase its game library and provide essential assets for promotion.

Affiliates approved by First Look Games will have access to ELA Games' branded game library, enabling them to feature the studio's slots in their previews and reviews for their player audiences.

ELA Games' free-to-play games will also be accessible to registered publishers through First Look Games' Demo Game Server, ensuring compliance with age verification regulations where necessary.

Moreover, ELA Games will utilize its dedicated client area powered by First Look Games to showcase its titles and streamline the onboarding process for operators and casino managers.

Elliott Resnick, Managing Director at First Look Games, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating: “ELA Games' decision to join First Look Games demonstrates their commitment to enhancing their game promotion strategies.

By leveraging our platform and client area, ELA Games can effectively tap into affiliate networks to amplify their reach and attract more players."

Mike Cini, Business Owner of ELA Games, highlighted the significance of the partnership for their marketing efforts, stating: “First Look Games provides us with the tools we need to elevate our marketing activities and harness the potential of affiliate marketing.

With access to valuable insights and a seamless client area, we are confident in maximizing the exposure of our games and reaching new audiences."

This partnership underscores the importance of collaboration between developers and affiliates in driving player engagement and expanding the reach of gaming content in the competitive iGaming market.


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