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Embark On A Mystical Journey With 3 Oaks Gaming’s Forest Spirit: Hold And Win

3 Oaks Gaming’s Forest Spirit

3 Oaks Gaming introduces a captivating woodland adventure enriched with unique Boosters.

The realm of iGaming welcomes a new enchanting creation as 3 Oaks Gaming unveils its latest masterpiece, Forest Spirit: Hold and Win.

This captivating slot game invites players to explore a magical forest and experience the transformative power of three distinct in-game Boosters.

The heart of the gaming experience lies within the classic Hold and Win Bonus Game. This magical journey is initiated by the accumulation of blue, red, and green coins, which correspond to the three Boosters woven into the gameplay: Extra Mult, Double Up, and Ultra Spins.

The Extra Mult Booster presents players with a random Multiplier as they begin, with every subsequent Bonus symbol landing on a Multiplier, revealing another Multiplier value in a different cell.

Meanwhile, the Double Up Booster unveils an additional game board, doubling the potential for winning. A single spin could even lead to both grid sets being completely adorned with symbols, resulting in the chance to secure two Grand Jackpots in one fortunate spin.

The enchanting Ultra Spins booster introduces a majestic Eagle that swoops down from above, gracing players with extra prizes upon encountering Bonus symbols.

Incorporating the opportunity to win four in-game jackpots, Forest Spirit: Hold and Win expands and enriches 3 Oaks Gaming’s diverse range of Hold and Win offerings.

Sebastian Damian, the Managing Director at 3 Oaks Gaming, expressed his excitement, stating, “Forest Spirit: Hold and Win creates an immersive atmosphere within a mythical forest, where the electrifying boosters become players' steadfast companions. These innovative modifiers truly shape the dynamics of the Hold and Win round, showcasing our commitment to delivering a fresh and exhilarating experience in this beloved genre.”

As players prepare to immerse themselves in the mystical ambiance of Forest Spirit: Hold and Win, 3 Oaks Gaming reiterates its dedication to crafting imaginative gameplay that resonates with both seasoned players and newcomers alike.



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