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Embark On A Mythic Adventure With Valkyries - The Nibelung Saga

Apparat Gaming unveils a new slot, delving into Germanic mythology, where players can harness the power of Gemstone Multipliers for epic wins.

Apparat Gaming, the creator of slots infused with a distinct German essence, invites players to immerse themselves in the captivating realm of Germanic mythology with their latest release - Valkyries: The Nibelung Saga.

This innovative slot offers a unique journey through the legends of the formidable Valkyries, showcasing both their beauty and fierceness. Players are not only treated to an immersive narrative but also have the opportunity to activate potent Gemstone Multipliers.

The Gemstone Multipliers come into play when three Scatter symbols align, triggering the coveted Free Spins bonus. During these 15 Free Games, the focus is solely on the Valkyries, enhancing the potential for significant wins.

Each of the five Valkyries possesses their own distinctive colored gemstone. When a win involves a Valkyrie, her corresponding gemstone activates a Multiplier. The Multiplier applies to subsequent wins featuring the same Valkyrie, amplifying the total win.

The excitement doesn't stop there – with each successive win, the Multiplier increases, offering the chance to accumulate up to 30. If all gemstones are activated, all Valkyries appear, rewarding an additional 15 Free Games.

Apparat Gaming's unique approach, capturing the essence of German culture, is reflected in the creation of Valkyries: The Nibelung Saga. Known for their precision engineering and attention to detail, this game radiates what it means to be German - characterized by quality craftsmanship and striking visuals.

The game's unique blend has already garnered success, resonating with players not only in Germany but also in other European markets like Switzerland and the UK.

Martin Frindt, Chief Product Officer at Apparat Gaming, shared his thoughts: "Valkyries: The Nibelung Saga is a treat for mythology enthusiasts, infused with Apparat Gaming's signature German flair. The inclusion of Gemstone Multipliers during Free Spins, with a potential max win of 7,000x, adds an exciting layer to the gameplay."

He added, "This slot embodies the essence of Germanic influence and innovation, and we are excited to witness its journey as it finds its place in the game lobbies of our esteemed operator partners."


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