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Endorphina Fortifies iGaming Security Through Strategic Partnership With Trisigma

Endorphina Fortifies iGaming Security Through Strategic Partnership With Trisigma
Endorphina Fortifies iGaming Security Through Strategic Partnership With Trisigma

In a groundbreaking move toward ensuring a safer iGaming environment, Endorphina proudly announces its latest collaboration with Trisigma, an esteemed independent Testing Laboratory deeply entrenched in the iGaming industry.

The partnership is a testament to Endorphina's commitment to innovation and the delivery of high-quality online slots while aligning with Trisigma's mission to foster a professional and socially responsible gaming landscape. This strategic alliance is poised to enhance the online gaming experience for players globally.

Endorphina's focus on maintaining the highest standards in Information Security Management System (ISMS) will receive a significant boost through the collaborative efforts with Trisigma.

The experienced team at Trisigma will play a pivotal role in integrating cybersecurity insights into Endorphina's systems, further solidifying the company's dedication to providing a secure and responsible gaming platform.

Expressing gratitude for the collaboration, Endorphina extends special thanks to key individuals at Trisigma, including Sander Hoogendoorn, Esther Ballart, Džangar Jesenov, and Santi Rodríguez, who have been instrumental in fostering this partnership.

Trisigma, a well-respected testing laboratory, specializes in offering compliance, type approval, and test services to both the iGaming industry and regulatory authorities. The dedicated professionals at Trisigma work tirelessly, leveraging their expertise to provide testing and approval services for online and land-based gaming systems.

The culmination of this collaboration will be showcased at the prestigious ICE London 2024 exhibition, where Endorphina will present its latest developments. ICE London 2024 serves as a perfect platform for networking and learning, and attendees will have the opportunity to witness the strides taken by Endorphina in the realm of iGaming security.

As the iGaming landscape evolves, strategic partnerships like these are instrumental in shaping a safer and more responsible gaming environment, ensuring players can enjoy their gaming experiences with confidence and security.


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