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FBM® Unveils Jin Qián Link™: A Golden Gaming Experience In Mexico

FBM® Unveils Jin Qián Link™: A Golden Gaming Experience In Mexico

FBM®, a renowned gaming company, has introduced Jin Qián Link™ to Mexican slot enthusiasts, offering an Asian-inspired gaming experience featuring four mystical slots.

This new product, available in a specialized configuration of the Galaxy II cabinet, has already brought incredible wins to over 50 casinos across Mexico. Jin Qián Link™ comprises four captivating games featuring mystical creatures, promising players the chance to unlock golden wealth through its four jackpot levels and a unique bonus prize.

The four slots included in Jin Qián Link™ are Eternal Niǎo Wang™, Golden Lóng™, Great Weiyan™, and Lucky Guī™, each drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of Asian culture. These games boast impressive graphics and immersive soundscapes, immersing players in a mystical journey through Oriental culture, featuring a flaming phoenix, a formidable dragon, a courageous tiger, and a wise turtle.

Renato Almeida, Director at FBM, expressed his enthusiasm for Jin Qián Link™, saying, “Jin Qián Link™ is an incredible thematic product that combines a clear cultural identity with involving gameplay. The four wonderful creatures of the games and the four progressive jackpots together with the special prize of Jin Qián Link™ bonus bring a unique gaming experience with phenomenal prizes to collect.”

Jin Qián Link™ delivers a unique gaming experience tailored for a special configuration of the Galaxy II cabinet, boasting impressive 27-inch screens. Players can chase Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand jackpots within the Jin Qián Link™ bonus.

To access the bonus mode, players must accumulate pagoda symbols. The Jin Qián Link™ bonus awards a special prize each time players cover all positions on the five reels during this game mode, doubling the value of the prizes collected.

The pack includes a common feature, "Luck Has Arrived," as well as specific game features for individual slots, such as "Triple Wild" for Golden Lóng™ and Lucky Guī™, and "Wild Multiplier" for Great Weiyan™ and Eternal Niǎo Wang™.

Currently captivating players in over 50 Mexican casinos, Jin Qián Link™ is poised for further expansion. FBM plans to introduce this slot product, with its wealth of golden opportunities and fantastic creatures, to markets in Asia, America, and Europe, either under the same name or exploring other options linked to Asian culture.





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