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FeedConstruct Expands Content Offerings In Partnership With Czech Handball

FeedConstruct Expands Content Offerings In Partnership With Czech Handball

FeedConstruct, a leading provider of real-time data and digital content, is thrilled to announce the extension of its partnership with the Czech Handball Men's Extraleague.

This renewed collaboration brings about a significant expansion in content offerings, promising an enriched handball experience for fans worldwide.

In addition to its existing coverage of the Czech Handball Men's Extraleague, FeedConstruct will now include matches from the Czech Handball Men's Cup and Women's Cup, commencing from the quarter-final stage of these prestigious tournaments. This expansion is set to deliver even more thrilling handball action and insights to enthusiasts.

Here are the key highlights of this partnership extension:

Tournament Schedule: The Czech Handball Men's Extraleague spans from August 31 to May, while the Czech Handball Men's Cup and Women's Cup take place from September to March.

Exclusive Coverage: FeedConstruct secures exclusive data coverage rights for the Czech Handball Men's Extraleague and holds both video and data rights for the Czech Handball Men's Cup and Women's Cup.

Number of Teams: The Men's Extraleague features 13 teams, while the Men's and Women's Cups each involve 8 teams from the quarter-final round.

Extensive Match Coverage: The upcoming season will witness an impressive lineup of over 200 matches for the Men's Extraleague and a total of 14 exciting matches for the Men's and Women's Cups.

Czech Handball is gearing up for the 2023/24 season, promising intense competitions. Teams are not only vying for local championships but also aiming to qualify for international tournaments like the EHF Europa League and European Cup. In the men's category, watch out for Talent Plzen, the reigning champion, and HCB Karviná, boasting 12 victories.

In the women's matches, Slavia Prague is set to challenge Banik Most, the three-time CZ Handball Women’s Cup winner. It's poised to be a thrilling season filled with fierce competition!

With this extended partnership and the inclusion of more content, FeedConstruct is dedicated to providing an enhanced and immersive handball experience for fans worldwide.


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