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Flows Accelerates SpinCity’s Innovation With No-Code Integration Platform

Flows Accelerates SpinCity’s Innovation With No-Code Integration Platform
Flows Accelerates SpinCity’s Innovation With No-Code Integration Platform

SpinCity Solutions, a leading casino and sportsbook software supplier, has inked a strategic partnership with Flows, a provider of a no-code integration and automation platform.

This collaboration aims to expedite SpinCity’s product roadmap through Flows' award-winning innovation tools.

Flows specializes in streamlining development processes and simplifying integrations using a no-code approach. By integrating Flows into SpinCity’s platform, the partnership seeks to enhance innovation through automation technology, allowing the creation of features and applications without the need for extensive coding.

The collaboration is expected to empower SpinCity to swiftly introduce new features and applications, reducing development time and operational costs. By consolidating data points from various systems into one cohesive interface, operators can expedite the deployment of market features and integration opportunities.

Flows, known for its agnostic software designed to seamlessly integrate with various technologies, introduces "Flo," an AI-driven software development tool. This voice-activated tool aims to revolutionize digital product development, enabling clients like SpinCity to innovate freely without the traditional constraints of development processes.

James King, CEO at Flows, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We’re happy to announce our partnership with SpinCity, a prominent leader in the iGaming space. It’s great to see such innovative businesses recognizing the significance and the benefits that Flows can bring to them. We look forward to working with SpinCity in utilizing our cutting-edge tech to innovate, engage customers, and maintain their competitive edge.”

This collaboration signifies a strategic move for SpinCity to leverage Flows' technological advancements, enhancing its position as a leader in the iGaming industry.



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