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Galaxsys Unveils Player Revenue Optimization Features To Enhance Gaming Experience

Galaxsys Unveils Player Revenue Optimization Features To Enhance Gaming Experience

Galaxsys, an emerging player in the fast and skill games vertical, has announced the launch of its innovative Leaderboard and Lighting Bonus features.

These new additions aim to boost player engagement and in-game sessions for operators, providing enhanced revenue opportunities.

The brand has been gaining recognition in the iGaming market by introducing a range of digital product features and enhancements, all focused on optimizing player revenue for its partners.

Gil Soffer, Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development at Galaxsys, expressed the company's commitment to delivering exceptional features in the competitive iGaming landscape. He stated, "Our focus is driven by how we can enhance player engagement and in-game sessions, which lead to increased revenue opportunities for our partner operators and improve the player experience."

The launch of Galaxsys' Leaderboard feature aims to provide in-game, real-time notifications to players, creating a heightened gaming experience across their portfolio of over 20 games. By introducing this interactive element, Galaxsys seeks to further engage players and foster a sense of competition within the gaming community.

Additionally, Galaxsys has introduced the Lighting Bonus feature, which offers cashback functionality. This feature has proven to be immensely popular among players as it extends game sessions, enhances player engagement, and complements the risk-reward psychology that players seek. The Lighting Bonus feature will initially be available for the existing games and will be expanded at the end of the year to include 30 new games, such as crash, Plinko, mines, tower, and turbo. This expansion will provide operators with a broader toolkit for customer revenue optimization campaigns.

With the launch of these player revenue optimization features, Galaxsys aims to solidify its position as a key player in the iGaming industry. By prioritizing player engagement and introducing innovative features, the company strives to enhance the overall gaming experience, boost revenue for its partner operators, and provide players with an exciting and immersive gameplay environment.



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