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Gaming Corps’ Coin Miner 2 Brings A Higher Max Win And Brand New Lucky Star Tile

Gaming Corps’ Coin Miner 2 Brings A Higher Max Win And Brand New Lucky Star Tile

Gaming Corps, an emerging games developer from Sweden, is back with a bang as it unveils the highly anticipated sequel to its flagship game.

Coin Miner 2 takes players on an exhilarating journey filled with new features, increased potential, and an enhanced user interface.

Building upon the success of the original Coin Miner, this Mines game sequel offers a revamped paytable, a higher maximum win, and an enticing addition: the Lucky Star tile. The Lucky Star guarantees additional reveals, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay. Taking into account valuable player feedback, the game also boasts an improved user interface, designed to elevate the overall player experience.

The game features a 5x5 grid of tiles, hiding gold coins, mines, and stars. With each revealed coin or star, players' total winnings increase. Players have the option to cash out their winnings after each safe reveal. However, if they hit a mine, all progress will be lost, adding a thrilling element of risk to the gameplay.

The choice is in the hands of the player – will they cash out after a single safe reveal or take the chance to go for the ultimate big payout?

Alex Lorimer, Chief Operating Officer at Gaming Corps, expressed his excitement about the sequel, stating, "Coin Miner continues to be one of our top-performing titles, captivating players worldwide. Given its success, our team has done an exceptional job taking the game to the next level with this thrilling follow-up. We are thrilled to introduce Coin Miner 2 to players, and I am confident they will enjoy it even more than the original."

With the release of Coin Miner 2, Gaming Corps invites players to embark on a rewarding adventure filled with suspense, strategic decision-making, and the potential for big wins. The enhanced features and improved user interface ensure that players will have an immersive and engaging gaming experience that surpasses the excitement of its predecessor. Get ready to dig deep and uncover the treasures that await in Coin Miner 2.



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