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Gaming Corps Whisks Up Instant Wins In Ramen Puzzle Slot Game

Gaming Corps Whisks Up Instant Wins In Ramen Puzzle Slot Game

Swedish game developer Gaming Corps has crafted a mouthwatering slot game experience with the launch of "Ramen Puzzle," inviting players to savor the delights of the finest ramen joint in town.

Ramen Puzzle is no ordinary game; it's an instant-win adventure comprised of a 25-tile grid, each concealing either delicious ramen bowls or, alas, leftovers. Players can relish the experience of opening bowl after bowl of Ms. Kawai's delectable, steaming ramen.

As they unveil ramen bowls, players watch their winnings steadily grow. However, they face a tantalizing choice after each discovery: they can either cash out their winnings or roll the dice and aim for the ultimate jackpot. But, beware - as soon as leftovers make an appearance, those hard-earned winnings are history.

The number of leftovers in play is adjustable, ranging from 1 to 24, with more leftovers translating to higher risks and bigger potential rewards.

This latest addition to Gaming Corps' portfolio underscores the company's ascent as a prominent game developer. It follows a string of successful launches this year, including titles like "Raging Zeus Mines," "Wild Woof," "Shootout Champion," "Prospector’s Plinko," and the recent release "Super Hot Stacks."

Qianqian Lui, Gaming Corps’ Senior Art Director, expressed her excitement about Ramen Puzzle, saying, “As a devoted fan of anime and manga, working on Ramen Puzzle was a dream come true, tailored for enthusiasts of this distinctive style. With the game's launch approaching, I feel that all those years of indulging in anime and manga have finally paid off!"

She continued, “It was a unique challenge initially, guiding artists who weren't intimately familiar with this style. Even for me, someone who hadn't drawn manga in years, it was a learning curve. Nevertheless, I am incredibly proud of what our talented artists have achieved, and I'm confident that fans of this genre will relish the experience this game brings."



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