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Gaming Realms Exclusive Slingo Full House Now Live With Sky Betting & Gaming

Gaming Realms Exclusive Slingo Full House Now Live With Sky Betting & Gaming
Gaming Realms Exclusive Slingo Full House Now Live With Sky Betting & Gaming

Gaming Realms, a prominent provider of mobile-centric gaming content, has introduced its latest creation, Slingo Full House, exclusively in collaboration with leading operator Sky Betting & Gaming. The bespoke release is designed to cater specifically to the player base of Sky Betting & Gaming, combining classic Slingo elements with the thrill of bingo.

The game unfolds on a 5x5 grid filled with randomly generated numbers, incorporating traditional Slingo mechanics. Adding an extra layer of excitement, the presence of a bingo caller and bingo calls on the reels enhances the overall gaming experience.

Upon landing, the bingo-inspired release triggers dabbers on the right-hand column, marking a position on the game board randomly. This aids players in creating additional Slingos. The inclusion of wilds, super wilds, and free spins assists players in progressing up the incrementally increasing prize ladder to unlock the coveted bonus round.

In the bonus round, players encounter dabbers that shoot ink at moving duck targets. Each successful hit results in a cash reward, with the potential for increased prize amounts by hitting the same target multiple times.

Gaming Realms continues to demonstrate its proficiency in crafting innovative and engaging bespoke games, tailoring each title to resonate with the core demographics of its diverse operator partners. Sky Betting & Gaming, having already experienced success with Gaming Realms' unique Slingo titles, is set to benefit further from this exclusive content, solidifying the successful partnership between the two entities.

Mouhcine Jalili, Director of Partnerships at Gaming Realms, expressed excitement about the exclusive launch, stating, “The title is an entertainment-focused release with multiple mechanics working in tandem to deliver thrills with each spin. Heavily influenced by the bingo vertical, it will create increased cross-sell opportunities for Sky Betting and Gaming whilst simultaneously attracting a new player base to the Slingo genre.”

Chrissy Ellard, Content Manager at Sky Betting & Gaming, echoed the sentiment, saying, “Slingo Full House is packed with entertainment and innovative features that will be a draw for new and existing fans of the Slingo genre. We are proud to be offering this exclusive title to our players.”

As Gaming Realms and Sky Betting & Gaming join forces once again, Slingo Full House is poised to become a standout addition to the market-leading portfolio of exclusive and engaging content offered by Sky Betting & Gaming.


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