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German Game Studios, Hölle Games And Apparat Gaming, Form Alliance

German Game Studios, Hölle Games And Apparat Gaming, Form Alliance
German Game Studios, Hölle Games And Apparat Gaming, Form Alliance

In a move set to shake up the gaming landscape, Hölle Games and Apparat Gaming, two prominent German game developers, have joined forces to expand their reach and enhance their offerings.

The collaboration between Berlin-based Hölle Games and Apparat Gaming brings together two studios renowned for their unique German flair and innovative game design.

Through this partnership, Hölle Games will integrate Apparat Gaming's impressive portfolio of over 30 titles into its Remote Gaming Server platform, amplifying their accessibility to a wider audience.

Emphasizing their shared German heritage, both studios pride themselves on crafting gaming experiences that resonate with players globally while retaining their distinct cultural identity.

The strategic alignment between Hölle Games and Apparat Gaming underscores their commitment to fostering strong industry relationships and delivering top-notch gaming content to players worldwide.

By leveraging their technological expertise and collective experience, the collaboration aims to provide players with an enriched and diverse gaming experience.

Robert Lenzhofer, CEO of Hölle Games &, expressed his gratitude for the partnership, stating, "Apparat Gaming is not just a partner, but the founding team has been friends for many years and one of the co-founders is inadvertently responsible for my move to Germany and as such the foundation of Hölle Games. I try to never forget the people who have lifted you up in the past!"

Martin Frindt, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Apparat Gaming, echoed the sentiment, highlighting the unique bond formed through collaboration. Frindt stated, "We have entered into many aggregation partnerships since our foundation, but working with Robert and his team is something very special.

They always say that you always meet twice, but when friendly competition turns into friendship, that's really unique. This collaboration expands our partner network in an outstanding way, as our recently announced live deal with impressively demonstrates."

As Hölle Games and Apparat Gaming continue to expand their network and enrich their gaming offerings, players can expect an array of thrilling and culturally rich gaming experiences on the horizon.



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