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GR8 Tech Garners Prestigious Nominations In SBC North America And SiGMA Americas 2024 Awards

GR8 Tech Garners Prestigious Nominations In SBC North America And SiGMA Americas 2024 Awards
GR8 Tech Garners Prestigious Nominations In SBC North America And SiGMA Americas 2024 Awards

Renowned for its groundbreaking innovations, GR8 Sportsbook has once again taken the spotlight by securing nominations in two esteemed categories: "Sportsbook Supplier of the Year" at the SBC North America Awards and "Best Online Sportsbook Provider 2024" at the SiGMA Americas Awards.

Additionally, GR8 Tech's commitment to fostering an exceptional work environment has earned the company nominations for "Employer of the Year" by SBC and "Best Workplace 2024" by SiGMA.

In light of these nominations, Evgen Belousov, CEO of GR8 Tech, remarked, “Two sets of nominations in these categories, albeit seemingly covering such different areas, are actually telling the same story.

They show that GR8 Tech is a team of great people, creating a competitive product in the industry, where differentiation and tangible results are the ultimate challenges; challenges that we are always ready to tackle, driving our clients’ businesses to the top.”

The recognition in the workplace-related categories underscores GR8 Tech's dedication to cultivating a supportive and motivating work environment. By prioritizing employee well-being and professional growth, GR8 Tech attracts top talent, fostering a culture of excellence and innovation essential for success in the dynamic iGaming sector.

An epitome of GR8 Tech's success is the GR8 Sportsbook platform, lauded for its creativity, differentiation, and commercial success. This innovative solution is tailored to meet the evolving needs of sportsbook operators, delivering predictable profits and significant impact on the industry.

The accolades for the GR8 Sportsbook continue to mount, with recent victories including the title of "Best Online Sportsbook Provider 2024" at the SiGMA Eurasia Awards 2024 and a nomination for SiGMA Africa 2024.

Excitement builds as the industry awaits the results of the SBC NA Awards 2024, scheduled for May 9 at the SBC North America Summit 2024 in New York City. Meanwhile, the SiGMA Americas Awards will take place on April 23 in São Paulo, Brazil, with voting open until April 9. GR8 Tech enthusiasts can show their support by participating in the voting process.

As GR8 Tech continues to push the boundaries of innovation and excellence, these nominations serve as a testament to the company's unwavering commitment to driving positive change within the iGaming industry.



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