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GR8 Tech Triumphs As 'Best Workplace 2024' At BIS SiGMA Americas

GR8 Tech Triumphs As 'Best Workplace 2024' At BIS SiGMA Americas
GR8 Tech Triumphs As 'Best Workplace 2024' At BIS SiGMA Americas

GR8 Tech's recent participation at the BIS SiGMA Americas event in São Paulo has marked a significant milestone, as the company clinched the prestigious 'BEST WORKPLACE 2024' award at the SiGMA Americas Awards.

Alongside this achievement, GR8 Tech engaged in over 150 meetings with operators and industry stakeholders, laying a solid groundwork for strategic expansion in the Latin American region.

During the event, GR8 Tech gained valuable insights into the dynamic Latin American iGaming market, shedding light on the diverse landscape across different countries. According to Evgen Belousov, CEO of GR8 Tech, "Each country in Latin America has its own unique characteristics, and understanding these nuances is crucial for success."

Offering a closer look at the Brazilian market, Belousov emphasized the importance of localization and adapting to the local lifestyle. "Brazil's distinct rhythm and laid-back pace require tailored strategies for effective market penetration," he explained.

Yevhen Krazhan, Chief Business Development Officer at GR8 Tech, highlighted the evolving compliance landscape and shifting market preferences. "Regulatory compliance is a priority, and there's growing interest in areas like fantasy sports and social gaming," Krazhan stated, underscoring the need for innovative differentiation strategies.

Thomas Carvalhaes, Senior Business Development Manager for Latin America, emphasized the demand for intuitive technology and user-friendly solutions. "Simplicity is key in Latin America, where user-friendly products are essential to meet the expectations of players," Carvalhaes noted.

Looking ahead, GR8 Tech is focused on expanding its presence in Brazil and Latin America, solidifying its position as a key player in the region. Additionally, the company is exploring opportunities in other global markets, with plans to showcase its flagship GR8 Sportsbook platform at SiGMA Asia in Manila, Philippines.

With its recent success and strategic vision, GR8 Tech is poised to make further strides in the iGaming industry, leveraging its expertise to unlock new opportunities and drive growth in diverse markets worldwide.



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