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HIPTHER Agency Announces Bold Event Consolidation: Introducing the Prague Gaming & TECH Summit

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

HIPTHER Agency Announces Bold Event Consolidation: Introducing the Prague Gaming & TECH Summit
HIPTHER Agency Announces Bold Event Consolidation: Introducing the Prague Gaming & TECH Summit

In a strategic shift that underscores the dynamic changes in the gaming and tech industry, HIPTHER Agency, a prominent organizer of conferences, has announced a significant evolution in its event lineup.

The company is consolidating its Central and Eastern European events into a single, impactful summit – the Prague Gaming & TECH Summit.

Zoltan Tundik, Co-Founder and Head of Business at HIPTHER Agency, shared insights into this strategic decision in a message to the community, stating, “As we embrace the ever-changing landscape of our industry, our dedication to offering outstanding experiences and value remains unwavering.

We are immensely grateful for the support and enthusiasm you have shown towards our events, especially the CEEGC (later rebranded to GamingTECH CEE Summit). Your participation has been vital in our journey."

The Prague Gaming & TECH Summit aims to integrate the key features of the CEEGC, solidifying the company's commitment to the Central and Eastern European, Balkan, and D-A-CH regions. Tundik highlighted that this strategic move is designed to enhance the quality, relevance, and overall value of their events.

The summit, scheduled for March 26th - 27th, is positioned to be a transformative event for industry professionals. It will bring together a diverse array of industry leaders and visionaries, offering a platform for insightful panel discussions, networking, and collaboration.

Speaking on the consolidation, Tundik mentioned, “This consolidation represents our commitment to the gaming and tech industry's growth. We aim to create a platform that truly resonates with the needs of our community. Your support and active participation are crucial in this new chapter."

The Prague Gaming & TECH Summit is not just a conference; it's a confluence of expertise and innovation in the gaming and tech world. Over two days, it will feature a lineup of over 100 distinguished speakers, engaging in insightful discussions on the latest trends and challenges in the gaming and tech sectors.

The summit is expected to draw around 250 participants, offering a unique opportunity for networking and collaboration. Attendees will include a mix of industry stakeholders, providing a platform for meaningful connections and partnerships.

In addition to panel discussions and networking opportunities, the summit will host various events designed to foster connections, collaborations, and partnerships. The networking/expo floor will serve as a hub of activity, allowing participants to explore the latest innovations and engage with exhibitors.

A major highlight of the summit will be the GamingTECH CEE Awards, recognizing excellence in the gaming and tech industry. This session will honor individuals and companies that have made significant contributions and set new standards of achievement.

In summary, the Prague Gaming & TECH Summit is poised to be a milestone in the gaming and tech calendar, where ideas meet execution, trends are born, and the future of the industry begins to take shape.



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