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iGB Affiliate Gears Up For Record-Breaking Farewell Event In London

iGB Affiliate Gears Up For Record-Breaking Farewell Event In London
iGB Affiliate Gears Up For Record-Breaking Farewell Event In London

As iGB Affiliate prepares to bid farewell to London before its relocation to Barcelona in 2025, the show is poised to break records in various aspects.

Organizers anticipate a remarkable 10% increase in visitor numbers for the February event, marking a substantial growth trajectory over the past two years.

Naomi Barton, Portfolio Director, expressed optimism about the upcoming event, stating, "Every metric that we reference is showing that iGB Affiliate will continue its upward trajectory, building on the substantial growth experienced in the last 2 years and demonstrating that for the global iGaming affiliate sector, this is THE global event that customers need and want for their business success."

The positive trend began with strong registration numbers in October and reached new heights in November with a record-breaking 338 submissions for the iGB Affiliate Awards. Barton highlighted the high demand for table bookings at the Awards evening and peak interest in accommodation at the show's HQ Hotel, One Hundred Shoreditch.

While acknowledging the significance of this being the last edition in London, Barton emphasized that the focus remains on the future. Research indicates that visitors attend iGB Affiliate to stay informed about industry trends, network with potential partners, connect with industry leaders, explore emerging technologies, and learn from global iGaming experts.

"The major motivator for visitors attending iGB Affiliate is the unique opportunity it provides to embrace everything that’s new in the sector. All of these elements will be central to the iGB Affiliate 2024 show experience," Barton added.

As the iGB Affiliate community gears up for this farewell event in London, anticipation is high for a show that promises to set new records and deliver valuable insights for the global iGaming affiliate sector.



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