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Incode Technologies And MaxBet Revolutionize Player Onboarding With AI Identity Verification

Incode Technologies And MaxBet Revolutionize Player Onboarding With AI Identity Verification

Incode Technologies, a global leader in next-generation identity solutions, has unveiled a groundbreaking partnership with MaxBet, a prominent gambling operator with a strong presence in Eastern Europe.

This strategic collaboration integrates Incode's AI-driven onboarding technology into MaxBet's multi-platform services, including both physical and online gambling accessible via web browsers or MaxBet's native app.

Incode's cutting-edge AI-driven Passive Liveness Detection technology delivers a seamless user experience by rapidly confirming the presence of a real individual interacting with the platform, all without requiring additional user actions or movements. This pioneering advancement not only mitigates identity fraud and age verification concerns but also enhances overall customer satisfaction.

To bolster user trust, the system swiftly and accurately validates over 4,600 different document types in just a matter of seconds. This extensive coverage and rapid verification not only facilitate user base expansion but also significantly enhance security concerning age verification, Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance, and fraud prevention.

Employing advanced machine learning, the system can detect even subtle signs of document forgery, surpassing human scrutiny capabilities.

These innovations align with MaxBet's ongoing efforts to streamline operational efficiency and enhance customer onboarding while adhering to Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and KYC compliance standards. The integration is expected to expedite customer onboarding, expand document coverage, and enhance the overall user experience, thereby positively impacting conversion rates.

MaxBet becomes the first gambling operator in Eastern Europe to leverage Incode's state-of-the-art onboarding solutions, setting new industry standards. These solutions are designed to streamline the often cumbersome manual ID review process, enabling MaxBet to optimize operational efficiency and reallocate valuable resources.

Ricardo Amper, CEO, and Founder of Incode Technologies, expressed his pride in the partnership, stating, "Working with one of Eastern Europe's leading operators is a proud moment for the business. Incode's biometric, Integrated Identity platform allows MaxBet to manage user identity journeys from onboarding and verification to orchestration and analytics, all within a single platform. MaxBet will revolutionize its customer experience, document coverage, and conversion rates with industry-first passive liveness detection."

Ninoslav Lazarević, Online Director at MaxBet, echoed the sentiment: "The integration of Incode's transformative technology significantly raises the bar for identity verification processes within the gambling industry, not just in Serbia but throughout the Balkans."

By combining Incode's unmatched identity verification technology with MaxBet's extensive market reach, this partnership sets a new standard for identity verification in the gaming sector across the region.


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