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Internet Vikings Teams Up With Casinogate For Latin American Expansion

Internet Vikings Teams Up With Casinogate For Latin American Expansion
Internet Vikings Teams Up With Casinogate For Latin American Expansion

Casinogate, a forward-thinking game studios aggregator, has joined forces with Internet Vikings, a top-tier provider of cloud hosting solutions, to spearhead their entry into the Latin American market.

By leveraging Internet Vikings' private VMware cloud hosting services, Casinogate aims to solidify its presence in this rapidly growing region.

Internet Vikings specializes in supporting companies venturing into new markets, offering scalable infrastructure solutions tailored to their needs. This strategic partnership aligns perfectly with Casinogate's strategy for a strategic and seamless expansion into Latin America.

Rickard Vikström, CEO and Founder of Internet Vikings, emphasizes their client-focused approach, stating, "Our tailored approach enables clients to invest in what they need now while providing the assurance of scalability as their operations widen into Latin America or elsewhere."

Casinogate's Co-Founder and CEO, André Castro, highlights the personalized support provided by Internet Vikings, saying, "Their key account manager worked closely with us to understand our specific needs for the Latin American market. They developed a solution that scales perfectly with our anticipated goals, ensuring a smooth transition."

Technically, Internet Vikings relies on VMware technology, known for its reliability and user-friendly interface. This choice has translated into enhanced performance for Casinogate, with minimal latency experienced on their platform.

André Castro expresses confidence in the partnership, stating, "Internet Vikings' expertise in hosting and focus on strong partnerships make them an essential asset. We're assured in delivering premium gaming experiences to our Latin American audience."

The collaboration between Casinogate and Internet Vikings underscores the power of innovation and cooperation in achieving shared success. By combining Casinogate's captivating games with Internet Vikings' robust cloud solutions, both companies are poised for a prosperous future in Latin American online gaming.


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