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Vegas Joker Banner Gamomat Enhances Betting Experience With Two New Bet Types Ahead Of Official Launch

Updated: Nov 13, 2023 Enhances Betting Experience With Two New Bet Types Ahead Of Official Launch Enhances Betting Experience With Two New Bet Types Ahead Of Official Launch, the groundbreaking live-streaming betting platform, is elevating its offerings with the introduction of two exciting bet types as it prepares for its highly anticipated full-scale launch.

Currently in its beta phase, remains committed to innovation, and this is evident in its latest additions. The platform is introducing a roulette-style bet, alongside bets on predetermined ranges of kills in a game, further solidifying its position in the world of live-streaming betting.

The new roulette-style bet allows players to predict whether their chosen streamer will achieve an even or odd number of kills in games like Valorant or Call of Duty: Warzone. Correct predictions lead to monetary winnings, adding a layer of excitement to the viewing experience.

Additionally, players can now bet on streamers to reach a specific number of kills within a predetermined range. If successful, viewers have the option to withdraw their full winnings, gift a portion of their prize to the streamer, or generously gift the entire amount.

These innovative bet types complement the existing categories, where players can wager on the number of kills or predict whether their selected streamer will emerge victorious in their next match.

As continues to expand and innovate in preparation for its official launch, it has attracted top Twitch creators, including and ASMRPunk. These influencers are drawn to the platform's novel approach, which offers them a fresh and engaging way to monetize their live streams.

Kevin Des Lauriers, CEO at, expressed enthusiasm for the platform's ongoing developments: "We're thrilled to be introducing even more bet types and advancing These new options add an extra element of fun, giving both bettors and streamers more dynamic ways to play.

We continue to innovate as we progress towards the full launch, and we look forward to seeing more content creators discover the groundbreaking ways we enable them to further monetize their streams."





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