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Kiron Launches African Expansion With New Lotto Channel, UK Numbers

Kiron Launches African Expansion With New Lotto Channel, UK Numbers

Kiron Interactive, a leading provider, is making significant strides in its African expansion with the introduction of UK Numbers, a dedicated lotto draw TV channel tailored to African markets.

This exciting development brings immense opportunities for both operators and players in the region.

The newly launched 24/7 channel offers a carefully curated selection of market-leading numbers products across Africa. UK Numbers is a world-class, fixed odds lotto draw channel that features two distinct products poised to create a substantial impact in the African market.

One of the highlights of UK Numbers is the 49's live draw, which will be televised twice daily and hosted by a dynamic team of beloved presenters. With a global popularity spanning over 25 years, 49's provides players with the chance to win significant prizes from small stakes by selecting six balls from a pool of 49.

To cater to the high demand for such content, UK Numbers also includes the newer and more frequent 39's product. This high-margin offering features draws with fewer numbers every three minutes, 24/7, maximizing betting opportunities for players.

The rise in popularity of low-stakes, high-turnover gaming in Africa mirrors trends seen in other international markets. UK Numbers is strategically positioned to capitalize on this growing demand by providing a format that aligns with players' preferences and fulfills their needs.

Leveraging its extensive local knowledge, network of partners, and established reputation among African operators and players, Kiron aims to make a significant impact in diverse African markets with UK Numbers and its two draws.

Steven Spartinos, Co-CEO of Kiron, expressed enthusiasm about the launch, stating, "The introduction of our new channel brings exciting news for lottery enthusiasts in Africa. It offers them the perfect opportunity to win substantial prizes with minimal investments, tailored to their preferences."

He further added, "With the 49's draw occurring twice daily and the introduction of the brand new 39's product happening every three minutes, players now have an even wider range of options and enhanced chances of success across various market demographics. We have witnessed the tremendous impact that the right 24/7 numbers products can have in other markets, and we are confident that our new channel will replicate that success."

Kiron's UK Numbers channel represents a major milestone in its African expansion, setting the stage for a vibrant and engaging lotto experience that is primed to captivate African players and drive growth in the region's gaming industry.



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