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Lottoland Boosts Compliance Efforts With DoTrust Complete Integration

Lottoland Boosts Compliance Efforts With DoTrust Complete Integration
Lottoland Boosts Compliance Efforts With DoTrust Complete Integration

Department of Trust, a renowned provider of financial risk assessments for safer gambling, has forged a partnership with Lottoland, a world-leading Lotto betting and iGaming operator, to enhance its financial risk checks on gamblers.

In a strategic move, Lottoland opted for DoTrust Complete after an extensive period of evaluation and due diligence. This collaboration aligns with Lottoland's commitment to driving operational efficiency and ensuring compliance by consolidating financial risk assessments.

Furthermore, Lottoland will leverage DoTrust Complete’s newly introduced automation features, poised to address the regulatory changes anticipated by the Gambling Commission, slated for implementation this summer.

These changes may necessitate operators to conduct seamless financial risk assessments triggered by specific spending thresholds and take appropriate actions based on the findings.

With DoTrust's automation tools, these assessments can be conducted in real-time, furnishing actionable insights at scale.

Nigel Birrell, Group CEO of Lottoland, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership: “We are excited to be working with DoTrust not just to conquer these compliance challenges, but to improve our player experience and customer trust as we do so.

The team at DoTrust have demonstrated their total commitment to the gambling industry and meeting the needs of operators and players. The ability to automate many of the processes in one platform is essential to our success going forward.”

Michael Byrne, COO of DoTrust, commented on the collaboration: “Lottoland is a much admired and significant player in the lotto betting and iGaming space.

With the White Paper reforms looming, their high level of engagement and foresight means Lottoland, like our other partners, will be amongst the best-positioned operators to move into the new era. We’re proud they have chosen us for this.”

As Lottoland integrates DoTrust Complete into its operations, the partnership signifies a concerted effort to fortify compliance measures and foster a safer gambling environment.

This collaboration underscores the industry's commitment to implementing robust risk assessment protocols and adapting to regulatory changes effectively.


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