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Nese Ventures Into iGaming with Landmark Sponsorship Deal

Nese Ventures Into iGaming with Landmark Sponsorship Deal
Nese Ventures Into iGaming with Landmark Sponsorship Deal

Lithuania's iconic land-based casino operator, Nese, has made waves in the iGaming industry with the launch of Twinsbet, a dynamic new iGaming and sportsbook brand.

In a groundbreaking move, the company has inked a remarkable €7.5 million sponsorship deal spanning three years, signaling its entry into the digital gaming sphere.

The deal sees Nese dive headfirst into the competitive Lithuanian market, leveraging its extensive experience to propel Twinsbet to the forefront.

Notably, Twinsbet has secured naming rights to the Avia Solutions Group Arena, the largest indoor arena in Vilnius, along with a coveted title sponsorship of the Wolves basketball club, which competes both locally and in the prestigious Eurocup.

Backed by celebrity former basketball players, the Lavrinovic twins, Twinsbet aims to carve out a niche in the iGaming landscape while making significant strides in sports sponsorship.

The substantial €7.5 million investment over three years, with potential for expansion to €10 million, underscores Nese's commitment to establishing Twinsbet as a dominant player in the industry.

Alvidas Paulikas, CEO of Nese, elucidates the company's vision for Twinsbet, emphasizing its steadfast support for sports. "Twinsbet is centered around the idea that we believe in sports. For this reason, we are heavily investing in and supporting sports, including the Wolves basketball club and the Twinsbet Arena," states Paulikas.

He further reveals plans for future collaborations with local teams and non-professional sporting activities as Twinsbet gears up for international expansion.

The significance of this partnership resonates deeply with Andrius Ziauberis, CEO of both the Wolves basketball club and the Twinsbet Arena, who lauds the deal as a game-changer for Lithuanian sports. "Strong teams can inspire generations both on and beyond the court, and this deal builds a solid foundation for an engaging fan experience," expresses Ziauberis, highlighting the transformative impact of the sponsorship on the sports community.

As Nese ventures into the digital realm, it sets its sights on achieving prominence not only locally but also on the global stage.

With Twinsbet poised to make a splash in the iGaming arena, fueled by strategic partnerships and a commitment to sports excellence, Nese aims to reshape the landscape of online gaming in Lithuania and beyond.



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