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One-Zero Spotlights Anticipation Over Irish Gambling Regulation Bill

One-Zero Spotlights Anticipation Over Irish Gambling Regulation Bill
One-Zero Spotlights Anticipation OOne-Zero Spotlights Anticipation Over Irish Gambling Regulation Billver Irish Gambling Regulation Bill

The recent One-Zero conference, celebrated for its convergence of sports, business, and technology, sparked significant interest with a deep dive into the forthcoming Irish Gambling Regulation Bill.

Held at Dublin's AVIVA Stadium, the event featured a star-studded lineup of speakers and panel discussions, culminating in an insightful exploration of the highly anticipated legislation.

Renowned figures such as Eddie Hearn, Louis Saha, Lonie Paxton, and Daniel Wyles graced the stage, sharing their expertise on innovation, strategy, and performance across two engaging days.

However, the spotlight shone brightest on the panel discussion centered around the impending Irish Gambling Regulation Bill.

Moderated by Sarah Curran, Head of Marketing at eCOGRA, the panel comprised esteemed industry experts including Graham Ross from PointsBet FBG, Martina Cilia from the Malta Gaming Authority, and Niamh Gallagher from Mindway AI. Together, they delved into the potential impact and challenges posed by the proposed regulatory overhaul.

Graham Ross provided insight from the perspective of existing operators, emphasizing widespread support for a robust regulatory framework. He highlighted the industry's positive contributions to innovation while acknowledging the need for effective regulation to address issues like problem gambling.

Martina Cilia echoed Ross's sentiments, stressing the importance of collaboration between regulators and industry stakeholders to ensure player protection. She emphasized the role of regulators in fostering transparency and fairness while safeguarding player interests.

Niamh Gallagher underscored the economic significance of the gambling industry in Ireland, drawing parallels with other sectors like beef exports. She advocated for a comprehensive approach to player care, citing examples from the UK where early intervention strategies have been implemented successfully.

Key takeaways from the panel discussion included the endorsement of a robust regulatory framework by stakeholders, the importance of collaborative learning between regulators, the economic potential of the gambling industry, and the imperative of early detection in addressing problem gambling.

As the industry eagerly awaits the Irish Gambling Regulation Bill, organizations like eCOGRA stand ready to support the evolving landscape. With their recent expansion into Ireland, eCOGRA is poised to play a pivotal role in ensuring compliance and fostering responsible gaming practices.

One-Zero promises to continue these vital conversations in March 2025, offering a platform for stakeholders to shape the future of sports, business, technology, and gambling.



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