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PayRetailers Expanding Operations In Bulgaria

PayRetailers Expanding Operations In Bulgaria

PayRetailers gears up for a Bulgarian expansion, with plans to hire over 150 new staff and open an office in Sofia.

PayRetailers, a fast-growing fintech company, is making significant moves to expand its presence in Europe. Over the next six months, the company aims to hire more than 150 new employees and establish an office in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Miroslav Bojilov, an experienced professional in Bulgaria's fintech product development ecosystem, will take the role of General Manager, Bulgaria, at PayRetailers. This expansion is expected to strengthen the company's European foothold and open doors for potential opportunities in other regions.

Bojilov expressed his enthusiasm, saying, "The prospect of this fast-growing and innovative fintech coming to Sofia and taking advantage of the local technological talent is truly exciting."

Lorenzo Pellegrino, Chief Operating and Digital Officer at PayRetailers, outlined the company's current focus: "Our priority lies in reinforcing our technological infrastructure. We are actively seeking skilled software developers, proficient data engineers, and experts in security, infrastructure, and architecture – all in critical areas.

Simultaneously, we are scouting for experienced professionals to join us, especially in vital domains like finance, product development, data management, regulatory compliance, and IT management."

To coincide with this expansion, PayRetailers is organizing an open house event at Sofia's Sense Hotel (Conference Hall 1). This event offers an opportunity for interested individuals to connect with the company's leadership, including Lorenzo Pellegrino and Juan Pablo Jutgla, PayRetailers' CEO. During the event, they will discuss the company's identity, objectives, and ongoing projects.

Juan Pablo Jutgla emphasized the company's commitment to showcasing its unique culture, capabilities, dedication to excellence, and professional growth prospects, stating, "We want to highlight our innovative culture, our differentiating capabilities, our commitment to excellence, and the professional development prospects we offer."


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