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R. Franco Digital Unveils Innovative Slot Experience: Pick & Shoot

R. Franco Digital Unveils Innovative Slot Experience: Pick & Shoot
R. Franco Digital Unveils Innovative Slot Experience: Pick & Shoot

Spain’s Leading iGaming Provider Takes Slots to New Heights with Skill-Based Gameplay.

R. Franco Digital, a prominent player in Spain's iGaming landscape, is set to revolutionize the slot experience with its groundbreaking release, Pick & Shoot, introducing an unprecedented skill-based element to gameplay.

In this innovative slot adventure, players are not merely passive participants but strategic decision-makers from the start. The journey begins with selecting the desired bet amount, empowering players to take control of their gaming destiny.

The next strategic move involves choosing from a range of multiplier values spanning from 1x to 77x. The catch? As multiplier values ascend, their occurrence on the board decreases, injecting an exciting gamified dimension into the gameplay.

Engaging players in a battle scenario, the final step requires troops to strategically defeat the enemy. Here, players can cherry-pick up to 20 areas out of the 77 Attack Boxes on the battlefield grid, customizing their offense with varying multiplier amounts for different positions on the board.

Once the targets are set, the game unveils corresponding values for each selected spot on the board. The payout entails the multiplier amount for each accurately matched box on the battlefield.

Adding an extra layer of thrill, additional icons may surface, each carrying multipliers ranging from 1x to 65x. These multipliers combine with the values of winning spots, significantly amplifying the potential rewards.

Pick & Shoot represents a dynamic shift in the iGaming landscape, where players are not just spinning reels but actively participating in a strategic and skill-based slot adventure.

This release underscores R. Franco Digital's dedication to pushing creative boundaries and propelling the industry into new realms of engagement.

Javier Sacristán Franco, International Business Director of R. Franco Digital, shared his insights on the groundbreaking launch, stating, “Pick & Shoot immerses players on the battlefield, selecting targeted areas to take out their rivals, utilising multipliers to show a tangible reward potential.

Our latest release marks a significant milestone in our game development, integrating the use of skill-based elements and strategy to provide next-level engagement.”



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