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Salsa Technology Integrates Air Dice Content Into Salsa Gator

Salsa Technology Integrates Air Dice Content Into Salsa Gator
Salsa Technology Integrates Air Dice Content Into Salsa Gator

Salsa Technology is thrilled to announce a strategic content partnership with the renowned Finnish online casino provider, Air Dice. This collaboration will integrate Air Dice’s extensive range of games into the Salsa Gator platform, enhancing its offering for players across the Latin American market.

The partnership also includes the esteemed studios Dice Crafter and Probability Jones, which are part of the Air Dice group.

Now, top titles such as Air Dice’s Mega Top Shot, Dice Crafter’s Star Shine, and Probability Jones’ Flaming Bombs will be seamlessly accessible through Salsa Gator.

Air Dice and its associated studios have built a strong reputation for their diverse and engaging game portfolios, boasting more than 50 unique titles.

This collaboration aims to bring these high-quality games to a broader audience, leveraging Salsa Technology’s prominent position in the LatAm market.

Eliane Nunes, Salsa Technology’s Head of Marketing & Sales, expressed her excitement: “Air Dice offers an assortment of both classic and groundbreaking games across its three brands that will fit perfectly within our Salsa Gator offering.

Our market-leading position in LatAm means these player-centric titles will be given the audience they deserve.”

Rocio Moitino, Sales Director for LatAm at Air Dice, echoed this enthusiasm: “Absolutely thrilled to share our ongoing growth through the partnership between Air Dice and Salsa!

This collaboration truly marks a significant milestone for both companies as we come together to innovate and deliver even more captivating gaming experiences to our customers. I'm eagerly looking forward to what the future holds.”

This partnership signifies a pivotal moment for both Salsa Technology and Air Dice. By joining forces, they aim to deliver a wider array of captivating gaming experiences to players, further solidifying their positions in the competitive online gaming market.

With this new collaboration, Salsa Technology continues to enhance its Salsa Gator platform, offering an ever-expanding array of high-quality games to its users.

The integration of Air Dice’s content promises to provide an enriched gaming experience, reflecting the ongoing commitment of both companies to innovation and player satisfaction.


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