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SIS And bet365 Roll Out Fixed Odds Horse Racing In Colorado

SIS And bet365 Roll Out Fixed Odds Horse Racing In Colorado
SIS And bet365 Roll Out Fixed Odds Horse Racing In Colorado

SIS Content Services, a division of the esteemed SIS (Sports Information Services) Group, has announced a groundbreaking partnership with bet365 to introduce fixed-odds horse racing wagering in Colorado, marking a significant milestone for the US sports betting landscape.

The introduction of fixed odds betting on horse racing in Colorado signifies a pivotal moment for the industry, offering sports bettors a new dimension of excitement and contributing to the growth of horse racing awareness in the region.

By granting approval for fixed-odds horse racing wagering, Colorado sportsbooks are opening doors to a wider audience of casual bettors, aligning horse racing betting with other popular sports offerings. This development is poised to benefit various stakeholders in Colorado, including Bally's Arapahoe Park and the Colorado Horsemen’s Association, as a portion of the turnover will be directed to support Colorado horse racing.

SIS Content Services brings a diverse horse racing portfolio to the table, featuring nearly 140 international and domestic racetracks. Notable upcoming events include the prestigious Saudi Cup day on February 24th and the Dubai World Cup meeting on March 30th, offering substantial purses and attracting top talent from around the world. Additionally, SIS provides year-round coverage from 14 countries, ensuring round-the-clock betting opportunities for enthusiasts.

Michele Fischer, Vice President of SIS Content Services, expressed optimism about the impact of fixed-odds horse racing betting: “The launch of fixed-odds horse racing betting in Colorado marks an important milestone for the sport, offering equal opportunities for bettors and generating revenue for our racetrack partners. This initiative underscores the commitment of all stakeholders to expand the reach of horse racing in the US.”

Shannon Ruston, Executive Director of Operations & Racing at Bally's Arapahoe Park, emphasized the significance of the collaboration: “We are excited to introduce fixed-odds horse racing betting in Colorado, leveraging SIS's expertise to enhance the betting experience for sports enthusiasts. This partnership will not only benefit Arapahoe Park but also contribute to the growth of horse racing in the region.”

Kim Oliver, President of the Colorado Horsemen’s Association, highlighted the importance of creating sustainable revenue streams for the racing community: “Fixed-odds betting represents a new chapter for horse racing in Colorado, providing additional revenue and exposure for the sport. We are committed to fostering a thriving ecosystem for owners and trainers, and this collaboration is a step in the right direction.”

A spokesperson for bet365 expressed confidence in the positive impact of fixed odds betting: “The introduction of fixed odds horse racing betting is a significant development for Colorado, offering bettors a new and engaging experience. As sports betting gains momentum in the US, we anticipate increased engagement and excitement among enthusiasts.”

The collaboration between SIS and bet365 represents a forward-thinking approach to enhancing the sports betting landscape in Colorado, providing bettors with innovative betting options and supporting the long-term sustainability of the horse racing industry.


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