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Slingo SPACE INVADERS: Gaming Realms Modernizes Arcade Classic

Slingo SPACE INVADERS: Gaming Realms Modernizes Arcade Classic

Gaming Realms Unveils a Unique Blend of Slingo and SPACE INVADERS

Gaming Realms, a prominent provider of mobile-focused gaming content, has breathed new life into the beloved arcade classic with the launch of "Slingo SPACE INVADERS," an officially licensed title by TAITO.

In this game, a grid of random numbers is spread across a 5x5 layout. Players receive 12 spins to mark these numbers by drawing them on the bottom reel. Each completed line of marked numbers results in a Slingo.

Adding to the excitement are Wilds and Super Wilds that can land on the reel. These empower players to strategically choose which number to mark next, infusing dynamic strategy into this action-packed release. Furthermore, a Cannon symbol can appear and target a UFO, granting either an instant cash prize or an extra life in the bonus game if successfully hit.

Earning Slingos in the base game propels players up an incrementally increasing prize ladder. To enter the bonus round, a minimum of four Slingos is required. Progressing further on the prize ladder not only awards additional lives in the bonus game but also unlocks a multiplier of up to 50x.

During the free spins round, the Invaders move from left to right and down. If they reach the bottom of the gameboard, players lose a life. However, landing Cannons on the bottom reel allows players to fire back at the Invaders. Destroying an Invader yields a cash prize.

Additionally, Bunkers may appear on the reels, absorbing shots fired by Cannons.

This innovative game seamlessly blends the iconic visuals, sound design, and gameplay of SPACE INVADERS with Gaming Realms' renowned Slingo mechanics, offering a fresh take on the arcade classic. It follows the success of other hits from the developer like "Slingo Cosmic Clusters," "Slingo Piggy Bank," and "Slingo Money Train."

Gareth Scott, Chief Commercial Officer at Gaming Realms, expressed excitement about this collaboration, stating, "We are thrilled to be working with the TAITO corporation to deliver Slingo SPACE INVADERS, a slot that adheres to many of the concepts people will expect from creating a title with such famous origins whilst delivering new mechanics through the Slingo feature."

He added, "Players will be climbing a pay ladder and increasing the win potential available within the bonus round whilst doing so, providing an escalation of excitement throughout the base game.

In the bonus, we have utilised the popular gameplay of SPACE INVADERS but reimagined how players will be battling the UFOs, aligning the retro entertainment experience with a new medium."



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