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Sportingtech Triumphs As Platform Provider Of The Year At SBC Summit Latinoamérica

Sportingtech Triumphs As Platform Provider Of The Year At SBC Summit Latinoamérica

Sportingtech, the esteemed full-service betting and gaming platform provider, has once again asserted its dominance in Latin America at this year’s SBC Summit Latinoamérica held in Miami.

The event showcased Sportingtech’s robust solutions for casino, sportsbook, and retail, underlining its pivotal role in the LatAm gaming landscape.

Sportingtech’s comprehensive platform has solidified its position as the leading provider across the entire Latin American region, with an anticipated surge in growth in 2024 coinciding with planned regulatory changes. The company's expertise in navigating the complex regulatory environment has made it a trusted choice for operators in the region.

The crowning moment arrived when Sportingtech clinched the prestigious Platform Provider of the Year award, marking another significant achievement in their impressive 2023 journey. This accolade adds to their triumph at the SBC Awards, where they secured the title of Multi-Channel Supplier, showcasing the industry's confidence in Sportingtech’s products and solutions.

Over the past year, Sportingtech’s platform has undergone notable enhancements, with the introduction of various new features. These include the integration of additional markets into their Bet Builder feature and the launch of Share-a-Bet, capitalizing on the growing trend of influencer marketing in the sports betting sector.

Dan Stone, Marketing Director at Sportingtech, expressed the company's pride in their achievement, stating, “We are undoubtedly at the forefront of the LatAm market, thanks to our outstanding products and solutions, coupled with our in-depth knowledge of the intricate regulatory landscape.

Operators in the region can rely on us to deliver unparalleled experiences. Winning Platform Provider of the Year marks the perfect conclusion to 2023 and is a testament to the dedication of every individual in our company.

We look forward to seizing exciting opportunities in 2024, further showcasing our ability to make a significant impact for our customers and elevate their businesses to new heights.”



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