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Superbet Enters Strategic Alliance With GamePLAI For Innovative Sports Product

Superbet Enters Strategic Alliance With GamePLAI For Innovative Sports Product
Superbet Enters Strategic Alliance With GamePLAI For Innovative Sports Product

Superbet, a leading European sportsbook, has forged a dynamic partnership with GamePLAI, a specialist in automated trading products for sportsbooks, to introduce cutting-edge player-performance markets in basketball and soccer.

The collaboration between Superbet and GamePLAI marks a significant milestone, leveraging GamePLAI's expertise in modelling and forecasting to enhance Superbet's offerings across Romanian, Polish, Serbian, and Belgian markets.

With a focus on basketball and soccer, GamePLAI will provide Superbet with an array of innovative player-props markets, catering to the growing demand for personalized betting experiences. This includes pre-game and in-play options, covering everything from NBA action to local domestic leagues.

Expanding upon its existing Micro Markets solution, GamePLAI will introduce an extensive player-props portfolio, including the groundbreaking Player Micros product for soccer, just in time for major events like the Copa America and Euro 2024.

Graham Savage, Co-Founder of GamePLAI, emphasized their commitment to innovation, stating: “Player props constitute the fastest-growing product for sportsbooks, and we are determined to be at the forefront of innovation. Our mission is to become the preeminent supplier of automated and quantitative-driven solutions for the sportsbook industry."

Ivan Gojic, Head of Risk, Strategic Partnerships, and In-Play Trading at Superbet, highlighted their customer-centric approach: “We only work with partners that can match our passion for creating a unique entertainment experience for our players.

GamePLAI’s commitment to creativity and accuracy, while delivering customer-focused solutions, will serve as yet another differentiator for the Superbet brand."

He added, "GamePLAI are true trailblazers in automated pricing. Our customers already love this personalized offering, which allows Superbet to continue to distinguish itself from its competitors, in an often copycat industry."

As Superbet and GamePLAI embark on this strategic alliance, players can anticipate an enhanced and personalized sports betting experience, setting new standards of innovation and engagement in the iGaming industry.



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