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Wazdan Coronates Energy EfficiencyIn Hot Slot™: 777 Crown Extremely Light

Updated: Apr 3

Wazdan Coronates Energy Efficiency In Hot Slot™: 777 Crown Extremely Light
Wazdan Coronates Energy Efficiency In Hot Slot™: 777 Crown Extremely Light

Wazdan, renowned for its player-centric casino game experiences, introduces an eco-conscious rendition of its retro classic, Hot Slot™: 777 Crown, with the release of Hot Slot™: 777 Crown Extremely Light.

In this latest iteration, players can expect a seamless gaming experience with enhanced performance features, including smoother gameplay, faster loading times, and improved battery life, making it an environmentally friendly choice for gaming enthusiasts.

Retaining the beloved Vegas-themed layout across a 5x3 grid, Hot Slot™: 777 Crown Extremely Light stays true to its roots with familiar fruit symbols adorning the reels.

Matching combinations of these symbols continue to reward players with wins, while the iconic crown scatter symbols offer instant prizes when three or more appear anywhere on the reels.

This release joins Wazdan's esteemed Extremely Light series, which includes titles like Hot Slot™: 777 Rubies Extremely Light and Hot Slot™: 777 Stars Extremely Light, known for delivering engaging and rewarding experiences through innovative software.

Andrzej Hyla, Chief Commercial Officer at Wazdan, expressed enthusiasm about the launch, stating: "Hot Slot™: 777 Crown Extremely Light combines modern and retro elements, featuring player-favorite scatter symbols and offering a maximum win of 305x the base bet.

Designed to appeal to both newcomers and veteran slot enthusiasts, this addition to our Extremely Light series extends our reach to a wider audience."

With its commitment to providing immersive and sustainable gaming experiences, Wazdan continues to innovate within the industry, catering to evolving player preferences while championing environmental responsibility.



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