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Xprizo's Innovative Fintech Platform Set to Transform iGaming And More

Xprizo, an innovative fintech platform, has officially debuted, promising seamless transactions and enhanced user experiences across multiple sectors, including a groundbreaking offering for the betting and iGaming industry.

This technology introduces a cutting-edge product and opens up markets that were previously inaccessible due to a lack of payment solutions.

Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, with local offices in key markets like Nairobi, Xprizo offers a streamlined wallet solution and payment aggregation technology, enabling instant peer-to-peer and online payments. Featuring a user-friendly design that ensures online transactions can be completed in as little as three clicks, Xprizo is poised to significantly elevate the end-user experience in the fintech arena.

For merchants, including online gaming platforms, integrating with Xprizo ensures a seamless and superior customer experience. Additionally, Xprizo acts as a payment service aggregator, consolidating popular platforms like Mpesa in Kenya, among others, into a single interface.

The service is meticulously crafted to maximize convenience. When users opt for Xprizo from an operator's payment options, they can simply select "Pay by Xprizo," scan a QR code, or enter their user ID, and click proceed. Within the Xprizo app, users will be guided to verify the transaction before it's finalized.

As an inclusive platform, Xprizo doesn't discriminate based on industry. Any legitimate business that complies with local laws and regulations and can provide the necessary documentation required by regulators is welcome to become an Xprizo client.

Xprizo's current clientele spans various sectors, including traditional retail, hospitality, online travel, FX, Crypto Exchanges, eGaming, and iGaming. This diversity underscores the platform's adaptability and broad relevance.

CEO Richard Mifsud expressed his enthusiasm, stating: "The launch of Xprizo is immensely satisfying as we embark on revolutionizing the future of fintech in the iGaming space and numerous other industries. Our solution greatly streamlines payment processes, offering end customers and operators frictionless transactions. Our work in iGaming is an integral part of our broader mission to collaborate with emerging markets, extending financial inclusion to the unbanked."



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