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Xprizo Taps Sintija Rimsa As Head Of Business Development To Propel Growth Strategy

Xprizo Taps Sintija Rimsa As Head Of Business Development To Propel Growth Strategy
Xprizo Taps Sintija Rimsa As Head Of Business Development To Propel Growth Strategy

In a strategic move to bolster its expansion efforts, Xprizo, a pioneering iGaming fintech platform, has welcomed Sintija Rimsa as the new Head of Business Development.

Rimsa's appointment signifies Xprizo's commitment to accelerating its growth trajectory and achieving its core objectives, particularly in facilitating gaming and leading industry entities' entry into burgeoning markets like Africa, Asia, and LatAm.

With a rich background spanning AI, blockchain, and iGaming sectors, Rimsa brings a wealth of expertise and a fervent dedication to innovative technologies to her new role.

Expressing her enthusiasm for joining Xprizo, Sintija Rimsa stated: "Joining the Xprizo family and playing a key role in its mission to revolutionise the payments industry is the perfect scenario.

Together we’re pushing ahead at the forefront of the sector to provide solutions for unbanked and under-banked communities."

Prior to her tenure at Xprizo, Rimsa garnered extensive experience in business development and communications, primarily advising startups, ecosystem partners, VCs, and influential figures in Dubai.

Her impressive track record in crafting investment strategies, driving business development initiatives, and spearheading communications strategies in the blockchain, gaming, and AI domains has positioned her as a visionary in the industry.

Richard Mifsud, Xprizo Chief Vision Officer, commented on Rimsa's appointment, stating: "With Sintija heading up the biz dev team, Xprizo is well on course to achieve its ambitious goals, setting new benchmarks for innovation and inclusivity."

With Rimsa at the helm of business development, Xprizo is poised to forge ahead, pioneering groundbreaking solutions and paving the way for inclusive growth and innovation in the iGaming fintech landscape.


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