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Altenar Secures Greek Licence, Expands Reach In Europe

Altenar Secures Greek Licence, Expands Reach In Europe
Altenar Secures Greek Licence, Expands Reach In Europe

In a significant milestone for the company, Altenar, a prominent sportsbook and iGaming software provider, has acquired a B2B licence in Greece, solidifying its presence in yet another crucial European market.

With its headquarters in Athens, Altenar has been steadily expanding its operations across various jurisdictions. The recent acquisition of the licence from the Hellenic Gaming Commission underscores the company's commitment to growth and regulatory compliance.

This development marks a pivotal moment for Altenar, adding a Greek licence to its already impressive portfolio, which spans over 50 countries worldwide. The seven-year validity of the licence opens doors for Altenar to offer its comprehensive suite of services in Greece, tapping into the country's thriving iGaming market.

Marina Zacharopoulou, Compliance Manager at Altenar, reflected on the significance of this achievement, stating, "Obtaining a licence for Altenar was a meticulous process, but one that we navigated with expertise and dedication.

The Greek licence holds special meaning for us, especially considering the strong ties many of our team members have to Greece. It's not just a business expansion; it's a homecoming of sorts."

Greece's rich history intertwined with games of chance adds cultural resonance to Altenar's licensure, highlighting the country's enduring fascination with gambling.

Moreover, the growth of the online betting sector in Greece presents lucrative opportunities for companies like Altenar, with tax revenues projected to soar and the creation of numerous employment prospects.

Altenar's entry into the Greek market is not only a testament to its commitment to regulatory compliance but also a strategic move to capitalize on the country's burgeoning iGaming landscape.

As the company continues to expand its global footprint, the Greek licence serves as a cornerstone in its journey towards sustained growth and success in Europe and beyond.



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