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BetGames Introduces Instant Lucky 7, Initiating New Game Release Campaign

BetGames Introduces Instant Lucky 7, Initiating New Game Release Campaign

BetGames, a prominent provider of live dealer and betting games, has launched Instant Lucky 7, marking its entrance into the world of instant lotto games and aiming to tap into the growing demand for high-frequency gameplay.

Taking inspiration from its successful flagship lotto product, BetGames has reimagined one of its most popular games into Instant Lucky 7, a dynamic and fast-paced offering tailored for consumers seeking rapid and engaging experiences.

Instant Lucky 7 represents BetGames' inaugural fully animated instant lotto game, offering a captivating blend of high-frequency gameplay and bespoke high-jackpot features. The game boasts a compact 3MB size, making it a versatile choice for operators worldwide. Players can indulge in its easy-to-play format with a chance to win multipliers of up to 200,000x, and the game operates around the clock, with a new draw every minute.

This game is available in all the markets served by BetGames, showcasing the brand's commitment to delivering top-notch quality in a fresh and thrilling format.

The launch of Instant Lucky 7 marks the first step in BetGames' ambitious plan for 2023, which includes the release of several new games to enrich its extensive range of engaging live casino content. This release joins the company's existing portfolio, which already features immensely popular titles like Wheel of Fortune, Bet on Baccarat, and War of Bets.

Ian Catchick, Chief Product Officer at BetGames, shared insights into the new release: "Building on the insights gained from our successful Twain Sport launch and informed by our thorough market research, we are integrating this knowledge into our core products. Instant Lucky 7 caters to the prevalent player preference for high-frequency gameplay, aligning perfectly with our strategy for the rest of 2023."

He added, "This release is just the beginning of our exciting game lineup, and we are looking forward to a dynamic second half of the year filled with captivating content launches."



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