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BetGames Launches Classic Roulette To Bridge The Gap Between Sport And Casino

BetGames Launches Classic Roulette To Bridge The Gap Between Sport And Casino
BetGames Launches Classic Roulette To Bridge The Gap Between Sport And Casino

BetGames Unveils Classic Roulette, Enhancing Player Experience.

Leading games provider BetGames is taking a significant step forward in its online casino offerings with the introduction of Classic Roulette. This latest release aims to marry the timeless appeal of traditional gameplay with enhanced accessibility and innovative customization features.

Classic Roulette from BetGames isn't just your average online gaming experience. By offering multilingual support in languages such as English, Russian, LatAm, Portuguese, and LatAm Spanish, the game ensures that players from diverse linguistic backgrounds can enjoy it without any barriers.

One of the standout features of Classic Roulette is its emphasis on customization. Operators now have the freedom to tailor a unique branded studio view, allowing players to immerse themselves in an environment that resonates with the operator's brand identity. Moreover, players can choose their preferred language and dealer, while also gaining access to comprehensive statistics spanning the last 500 games.

But it doesn't stop there. Classic Roulette introduces advanced gameplay features like Neighbour and French bets, adding a strategic layer to the decision-making process and elevating the overall gaming experience.

This launch underscores BetGames unwavering commitment to delivering high-frequency gameplay that caters to players across different regions. While a bespoke version is currently available to tier-one partners, a live version is set to roll out in the near future, further expanding the game's reach.

Ian Catchick, Chief Product Officer at BetGames, expressed his excitement about the launch, stating, "Our mission is to facilitate our partners in guiding players through their gaming journey, from casual betting to becoming regular players. The enhanced accessibility of a beloved title like Roulette will undoubtedly enrich that journey."

Catchick further emphasized BetGames global ambitions, highlighting the company's success in emerging markets like Latin America and Africa. With Classic Roulette joining the roster of bespoke titles, BetGames continues to solidify its position as a key player in the iGaming industry.

"The customization aspect adds a personal touch that we believe both players and operators will appreciate," Catchick concluded, underscoring the player-centric approach that defines BetGames offerings.

With Classic Roulette, BetGames not only raises the bar for online casino games but also sets a new standard for player engagement and satisfaction.



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