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BetGames Unveils Unique Game Show - Crypt Of Giza: World's First Pachinko Gameshow

BetGames Unveils Unique Game Show - Crypt Of Giza: World's First Pachinko Gameshow

BetGames, the innovative live dealer and betting games studio, has made a groundbreaking move with the launch of Crypt of Giza, the world's first-ever pachinko-style gameshow.

This exclusive live tier-one content adds to the studio's impressive portfolio, tailor-made for major brands and leading operators in Europe.

Crypt of Giza takes players on an immersive journey with its opulent Egyptian theme. The game features 15 numbered pockets, and participants must predict where the ball will land. With three bonus rounds that offer multipliers reaching up to 10,000x, the excitement and rewards are taken to a whole new level.

Winning numbers that include bonus icons lead to thrilling bonus games. Players can explore the Gift from the Gods, unlock the Valley of the Cobra through mysterious chests, or face the enigmatic Wall of Mystery guided by pharaohs.

The game show, presented by adventurous hosts, brings a popular theme to the forefront of the industry, while its fast-paced and engaging gameplay captivates players from start to finish.

BetGames' CEO, Andreas Koeberl, expressed his enthusiasm for the launch, highlighting the hard work and creativity that went into developing the world's first physical pachinko live game show studio. The seamless collaboration with leading operators in Europe guarantees a unique and bespoke gaming experience for players.

Crypt of Giza sets a new standard for live game shows, solidifying BetGames' position as a trailblazer in the industry. With this remarkable addition to their repertoire, the studio continues to push boundaries and captivate players worldwide.


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