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BetMGM Teams Up With White Hat Studios For Exclusive Win Spins Offer

BetMGM Teams Up With White Hat Studios For Exclusive Win Spins Offer
BetMGM Teams Up With White Hat Studios For Exclusive Win Spins Offer

BetMGM, a prominent player in the iGaming market, has partnered exclusively with White Hat Studios to introduce a new promotional offer called 'Win Spins,' enhancing the free spins experience for players.

White Hat Studios, renowned for its diverse portfolio of brands catering to the US iGaming market, has rolled out its latest promotional tool, 'Win Spins,' in collaboration with BetMGM. This strategic move aims to augment BetMGM's free spins offerings, providing players with a guaranteed winning experience during promotional campaigns.

The 'Win Spins' functionality, initially available across multiple states with BetMGM for a limited period, will eventually be accessible to all operators. In this innovative feature, players receive a predetermined number of win spins as part of a promotional offer and continue spinning until they achieve the designated number of winning spins.

This ensures that players enjoy a rewarding experience without the disappointment of occasional low winning free spins.

Armen Tatarevic, VP Gaming at White Hat Studios, highlighted the significance of this collaboration, stating: “With Win Spins, we aim to modernize promotional rewards in the digital casino market, offering players a more enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Our partnership with BetMGM marks an exciting milestone, and we look forward to seeing the positive impact of Win Spins on player engagement and satisfaction.”

This exclusive partnership between BetMGM and White Hat Studios underscores the commitment of both entities to deliver innovative and rewarding gaming experiences to players in the US iGaming market, setting a new standard for promotional offerings in the industry.



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