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Betsoft Gaming Unveils Plinko Rush™: A Mesmerizing Game Of Chance And Strategy

Betsoft Gaming Unveils Plinko Rush™: A Mesmerizing Game Of Chance And Strategy
Betsoft Gaming Unveils Plinko Rush™: A Mesmerizing Game Of Chance And Strategy

Betsoft Gaming, a trailblazing casino entertainment provider, kicks off 2024 with the launch of Plinko Rush™, a captivating and innovative addition to its portfolio.

This exciting release introduces a unique game of chance and strategy, offering players instant wins with multipliers ranging from 0.2x to an impressive 888x.

Plinko Rush™ transforms the classic 'Plinko' concept, featuring random falling balls down a pyramid-shaped board, into an immersive experience where players have control.

The game provides three levels of risk across up to 16 lines in the pyramid, allowing players to customize the board based on their mood, play style, and risk comfort for an exhilarating win potential.

Featuring a state-of-the-art design, Plinko Rush™ presents a split screen with the Plinko pyramid on one side and the control panel on the other. This design empowers players to configure the game to suit their individual style and preferences.

Players can choose from three risk levels—Low, Medium, or High—to increase volatility for significant wins. They can also set the number of rows, from eight to 16, select their preferred bet level, and decide on the number of games they wish to play.

Plinko Rush™ offers flexibility, allowing players to engage in a single game or opt for continuous play with options ranging from 100 to an infinite number of games.

Depending on the configured parameters, the number of balls and their speed will vary as they cascade down the pyramid, heading towards the multipliers at the base. The Multiplier values increase with higher risks and a larger pyramid, ranging from 0.2x to an exciting 888x, providing ample opportunities for substantial wins.

Plinko Rush™ caters to players with a data-driven approach, offering a comprehensive information stream. Analytics for Profit on Win and Winning Chance Percentage are clearly displayed on the screen, enabling players to strategize effectively.

The game's personalization options are remarkable, allowing players to customize not only the lines, bet, and risk levels but also the size and color of the balls, sound effects, and background music. Each multiplier value even comes with its own distinct sound, heightening the sensory experience for players.

For those seeking an adrenaline rush, the "Instant Play" option in Plinko Rush™ delivers a thrilling cascade of balls, accompanied by the distinctive ping of multipliers and the illumination of wins. With an impressive RTP of 96.27%, Plinko Rush™ promises an enthralling and rewarding experience for players.

Fernando Van Velzen, Head of Account Management at Betsoft Gaming, expressed excitement about the release, stating, "Brilliantly simple and visually intriguing, Plinko Rush™ is an immersive experience that brings a new offering to the Betsoft portfolio.

The opportunities for self-configuration mean playing Plinko Rush™ can be a novel experience every time. We have had great feedback to date and we know players will love this release as much as we do."

Scheduled for release on January 18th, 2023, Plinko Rush™ joins Betsoft's award-winning portfolio, designed to surpass industry standards and ensure player engagement and brand loyalty.



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