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BlueOcean Gaming Unveils Exclusive GameArt Title: Fury Penguins

BlueOcean Gaming Unveils Exclusive GameArt Title: Fury Penguins
BlueOcean Gaming Unveils Exclusive GameArt Title: Fury Penguins

Excitement is brewing in the iGaming sphere as BlueOcean Gaming announces its latest exclusive release, Fury Penguins, developed in collaboration with GameArt.

In a strategic partnership with GameArt, BlueOcean Gaming has secured the exclusive rights to launch Fury Penguins, a thrilling crash game tailored specifically for its client network. Scheduled for release on January 31st, 2024, just ahead of the highly anticipated ICE London 2024 event, Fury Penguins promises to deliver a unique gaming experience to players.

Attendees at ICE London 2024 will have the opportunity to get a firsthand look at Fury Penguins, as BlueOcean Gaming and GameArt showcase the game at booth N8-320. This exclusive preview offers a glimpse into the innovative gameplay and captivating features that Fury Penguins brings to the table.

What makes Fury Penguins stand out is its exclusivity to BlueOcean Gaming clients. This means that operators within the BlueOcean Gaming network have the exclusive privilege of offering this exciting game to their players, enhancing their gaming offerings and driving engagement.

Operators are encouraged to leverage this exclusive title to attract and retain players, maximizing both excitement and profitability within their platforms.

About Fury Penguins

Fury Penguins, crafted by GameArt, transports players to the icy landscapes of Antarctica, where agile penguins navigate treacherous waters while evading the menacing orcas. The objective? To amass winnings as the penguins swim, with the multiplier increasing with each stroke.

Designed for fans of fast-paced gaming, Fury Penguins is both simple and thrilling. Players place their bets before the penguins take the plunge, aiming to cash out their winnings before the looming threat of the hungry orca becomes a reality.

The rules are straightforward:

  1. Set your bet before the penguins dive into the water.

  2. Watch as the penguins swim and the multiplier climbs.

  3. Cash out before the orca swoops in to claim its meal.

With its engaging gameplay and exclusive access, Fury Penguins is poised to make a splash in the world of online gaming, offering players an unforgettable Antarctic adventure filled with excitement and rewards.


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