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Continent 8 Assists ODDSworks With Cybersecurity Compliance In Pennsylvania

Continent 8 Assists ODDSworks With Cybersecurity Compliance In Pennsylvania
Continent 8 Assists ODDSworks With Cybersecurity Compliance In Pennsylvania

ODDSworks, an interactive gaming content provider, has enlisted the expertise of Continent 8 Technologies, a leading infrastructure and cybersecurity services provider, for a comprehensive cybersecurity audit and vulnerability assessment penetration test (VAPT) in the state of Pennsylvania.

As a licensed supplier under the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB), ODDSworks needed to fulfill regulatory security compliance requirements. Continent 8, known for its role as a trusted infrastructure and security partner in the gaming industry, was chosen by ODDSworks to conduct the cybersecurity audit and VAPT. The audit aimed to evaluate ODDSworks' cybersecurity provisions, ensuring adherence to the strict standards set by the PGCB.

Conducted by Continent 8’s dedicated cybersecurity division, C8 Secure, the audit utilized Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing to scrutinize ODDSworks' cybersecurity measures, including the procurement and implementation of IDS/IPS solutions, virtual machine performance, redundancy protocols, anti-virus and malware deployment, vulnerability scanning, and log management solutions.

Pennsylvania's regulatory framework demands operators and suppliers to undergo an annual security audit and VAPT conducted by a third party. Continent 8's team, completing the task in less than eight weeks, not only adhered to regulatory requirements but also identified vulnerabilities beyond the initial scope. The audit and VAPT reports were submitted to the PGCB and received regulatory approval.

Patrick Gardner, Managing Partner at C8 Secure, emphasized the significance of cybersecurity in the gaming industry, stating, "Having cybersecurity provisions in place is not only a must when it comes to protecting the organization but also when it comes to compliance. Pennsylvania is setting the standard when it comes to protecting the iGaming market."

Steven De Mar, Executive VP at ODDSworks, expressed appreciation for Continent 8's support in the cybersecurity audit, highlighting their efficiency, scope, and depth. De Mar emphasized ODDSworks' commitment to cybersecurity, recognizing Continent 8's role in maintaining industry standards.

This collaboration underscores the growing importance of robust cybersecurity measures in the gaming sector and positions Continent 8 as a key player in supporting operators and suppliers navigate complex regulatory landscapes across different U.S. states.


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