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DigitalEjis Limited Unveils Groundbreaking Software To Predict Gambling Addiction

DigitalEjis Limited Unveils Groundbreaking Software To Predict Gambling Addiction
DigitalEjis Limited Unveils Groundbreaking Software To Predict Gambling Addiction

In a pioneering move, DigitalEjis Limited has launched revolutionary software designed to accurately predict the potential development of gambling addiction before an individual places their first bet.

The Milan-based research and development company aims to tackle addiction issues across digital industries, starting with the realm of gambling and gaming.

DigitalEjis leverages extensive scientific research, including contributions from renowned institutions, combined with cutting-edge tools like machine learning and AI.

The result is the world's first software capable of forecasting the likelihood of a person, even someone with no prior gambling history, developing pathological gambling addiction with an impressive prediction accuracy of 85%.

Notably, DigitalEjis' software goes beyond prediction. It monitors betting behavior, allowing operators to intervene proactively to prevent mental health deterioration and provide digitally delivered, professional intervention in cases where addiction may be taking hold.

Ian McLoughlin, CEO of DigitalEjis, emphasized the ethical responsibility to enhance player protection from the very beginning of their gaming experience. He stated, "This is why, with the help of our scientists and partners, we have developed a product which is a big step forwards in player protection."

The predictive system developed by DigitalEjis stands out, as opposed to existing software that identifies addiction when compulsive gambling is already underway. McLoughlin believes this new tool represents a significant advancement in player protection.

Dr. Aleksandar Matic, lead scientist at DigitalEjis, hailed the predictive software as a "game-changer in addiction science," combining advanced algorithms, data, and insights from computational neuroscience and psychology. He highlighted the unique capability of accurately predicting gambling addiction before the initiation of any bets, enabling proactive measures for a healthier society.

Angela Gemma, General Counsel of DigitalEjis, emphasized the sensitivity of player protection, particularly in the Italian and international markets. The software addresses the missing component in addiction protection, offering prediction and prevention rather than mere diagnosis.

Francesco Gaziano, CMO and Business Development lead at DigitalEjis, expressed pride in the market response to their proposals. He announced forthcoming national and international partnerships with gambling companies, positioning them as leaders in player protection. Gaziano highlighted the seamless integration of the prediction software, requiring zero effort from operators to avoid disruption to crucial aspects of their business.

DigitalEjis is poised to make a significant impact on the gaming industry by providing a proactive and innovative approach to safeguarding players against the perils of gambling addiction.


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