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Entain plc Welcomes Ricky Sandler As Non-Executive Director

Entain plc Welcomes Ricky Sandler As Non-Executive Director
Entain plc Welcomes Ricky Sandler As Non-Executive Director

In a strategic move to bolster its leadership, Entain plc, the renowned global sports betting and gaming group, has officially appointed Ricky Sandler as a Non-Executive Director.

The announcement comes with immediate effect, marking a significant addition to the company's board.

Barry Gibson, Chairman of Entain Plc, expressed his satisfaction with the new appointment, stating, “I am pleased to welcome Ricky to the Board of Entain. Ricky has a deep knowledge of our business and a firm belief in the quality of our operations and substantial growth opportunities."

Ricky Sandler will not only assume the position of Non-Executive Director but will also play a key role in the Company’s People & Governance and Capital Allocation committees.

In his role on the People and Governance committee, collaboration between Entain and Mr. Sandler aims to identify an additional Non-Executive Director that aligns with the interests of both Eminence and the company.

Commenting on his new role, Ricky Sandler expressed optimism, saying, “Entain is a robust business with market-leading brands, a unique technology platform, and enviable positions in key geographies around the world.

I look forward to working with my fellow directors to help Entain achieve long-term success and create lasting value for its shareholders."

The report also provides essential corporate governance information, emphasizing that, under the UK Corporate Governance Code, Mr. Sandler will not be considered an independent Non-Executive Director.

In alignment with this appointment, a comprehensive relationship agreement has been established, outlining key terms and provisions between the Company, Eminence Capital, and Mr. Sandler.

Entain plc, listed on the FTSE100, operates as one of the world’s largest sports betting and gaming groups, with a substantial presence both online and in the retail sector. The group's diverse portfolio includes well-established brands across various sports and gaming verticals.

The article concludes with an overview of Entain's global operations, its proprietary technology, and its role in the BetMGM joint venture—a 50/50 partnership leading sports betting and iGaming in the US.

Entain's commitment to operating exclusively in domestically regulated or regulating markets across over 40 territories reinforces its position as a global industry leader.



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